Kredit Mobil Bekas Vs Mobil Baru, Mana Yang Terbaik?

Berbagai leasing atau lembaga pembiayaan kini bisa melayani kredit mobil baru dan kredit mobil bekas. Hal ini tentu saja akan lebih memudahkan untuk orang yang ingin membeli mobil baru atau bekas secara kredit. Namun, manakah yang terbaik? Jika Anda masih bingun atau masih ragu untuk menentukan pilihan, simak terus ulasanny berikut ini.

Terdapat perbandingan dari berbagai sisi antara kredit mobil bekas dan kredit mobil baru. Agar Anda lebih paham mengenai keduanya, berikut ini adalah penjelasan lengkapnya untuk Anda:

  • Dari segi harga

Secara nilai ekonomis, mobil bekas sudah pasti jauh lebih murah. Namun jika dilihat dari segi kesesuaian harga tentu saja akan sangat bergantung pada pemilihan dealer yang tepat. Pembelian mobil kredit secara umum memang akan jauh lebih mahal lantaran ada bunga yang harus ditanggung. Namun jika memilih mobil bekas, maka biaya total yang harus dikeluarkan akan jauh lebih murah.

  • Tenor kredit

Baik pembelian kredit mobil baru maupun mobil bekas sama-sama memiliki pilihan tenor yang dapat disesuaikan oleh para pemohon kredit. Namun karena mobil bekas lebih murah harga jualnya, maka tenor kreditnya bisa lebih pendek. Dengan DP dan cicilan yang sama, secara logika tentu saja pembelian kredit mobil baru lebih panjang atau tidak cepat lunas dibandingkan membeli mobil bekas.

  • Jaminan mutu

Berbicara jaminan mutu atau kualitas mobil yang didapatkan, sudah pasti kredit mobil baru jauh lebih bisa dipastikan memuaskan Anda. Mobil baru tentu saja terjamin kualitasnya oleh dealer sehingga tidak menimbulkan kekhawatiran. Sedangkan untuk pembelian mobil bekas, sebelum mengajukan kredit haruslah dilakukan pengecekan mobil secara mendalam dan menyeluruh agar tidak mendapatkan kendaraan yang bobrok atau tidak dalam kondisi yang baik.

  • Proses pengajuan kredit

Untuk proses pengajuan kreditnya, baik antara pembelian mobil baru maupun bekas cenderung tidak berbeda. Pembelian kredit mobil dalam keadaan bekas tetap saja bisa dilayani dengan cepat dan mudah jika Anda pandai dalam memilih leasing yang terpercaya. Selain itu, proses pengajuan kredit dan keberhasilan pengajuan juga sangat ditentukan oleh pemohon karena akan bergantung pada syarat kredit yang terpenuhi atau tidak dan kemampuan individu untuk bisa disetujui pengajuan kreditnya. Sehingga, untuk urusan pengajuan kredit mobil antara mobil bekas dan baru tidaklah ada bedanya.

  • Kepuasan pribadi

Untuk Anda yang akan mengajukan kredit mobil baru, kepuasan pribadi yang akan didapatkan adalah soal gengsi. Walaupun belum menjadi miliki pribadi seutuhnya, unit mobil baru yang telah didapatkan tentu saja akan lebih membanggakan. Namun, bukan berarti pembelian mobil bekas akan membuat malu atau tidak memuaskan. Jika bisa memilih mobil bekas yang tepat dan bisa melakukan modifikasi agar mobil tampil kece dan up to date, tentu saja pembelian mobil bekas juga akan sangat memuaskan hati.

  • Besaran uang muka kredit

Dari segi uang muka, umumnya pembelian mobil bekas secara kredit memiliki pilihan DP yang lebih beragam. Dengan begitu, Anda bisa lebih memilih yang memang sesuai dengan kemampuan agar bisa segera mendapatkan mobil yang diinginkan.

Itulah tadi ulasan lengkap mengenai perbandingan kredit mobil bekas dan kredit mobil baru. Dari ulasan di atas sudah sangat jelas bahwa keduanya memiliki keunggulan dan kekurangan masing-masing. Perbedaan yang ada justru ada dari segi harga dan hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan unit mobilnya. Sedangkan untuk urusan kreditnya, tidak terdapat perbandingan yang signifikan.

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Ways to Get Ahead in Your Business

When it comes to running a business, there are a number of factors that come into play that can make or break your business venture, especially during the early days, so you really have to stick the landing in order to ensure your business is a success and long lasting There are no shortage of pitfalls that threaten you and your livelihood, but don’t fret too much. With just a little vigilance and a lot of hard work, you’re all but guaranteed to succeed. Here are some tips to help you get your small business up and running smoothly.

First and foremost, you need your work space to be inviting. For starters, you’ll want to feel at home when you work to be more productive, but you’ll also want to extend that courtesy to your employees, as well. Perhaps most importantly, however, you want a place of business that it inviting to your customers and clients, a place that makes them feel welcome, and that you can be trusted to take care of them. Therefore, when setting up your place of business, take care when shopping at to choose decor, and decorations, that evoke a feeling of calm, and, where appropriate, fun. This will be sure to keep up the morale of your and your staff, and it will make your customer base feel welcome to walk through your doors any time.

Next on the list is business expenses. Business expenses are necessary evil that plague business owners the world over. However, there are ways to cut cut costs, and despite the temptation, you don’t want to cut those costs by cutting corners. This will lead to a decrease in the overall quality of your products and services that will be noticed by your customers. Instead, look for other ways to save. For example, most companies have printing needs, and there’s a growing trend in the business world of going paperless, both for economical reasons and environmental ones. And, as it just so happens, both employees and customers prefer communications to be electron instead of on paper, so everybody wins as long as they are at least given the option.

4 Branding Steps That Will Help You Get Small Business Funding  

Knowing how great your business is and everything it has to offer won’t help you receive the business funding you need. It isn’t you that you are trying to convince, it’s the lender or investor. Following these four branding steps will help you build your brand and tell a brand story they won’t be able to refuse:

Step 1: Define What Your Business Represents

The first step in branding is to identify and define what your business represents. Your whole team should be apart of the task of answering important branding questions. If you’re a one-person show, ask those close to you (mentor, friends, family, etc.) their thoughts and ideas on who you are as a business. Having multiple perspectives will ensure nothing is over looked. Consider the following list of branding questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What makes you different than other brands?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What is your mission/purpose?
  • What is your customers main problem/concern?
  • How does your product/service solve that problem/concern?
  • What makes you unique?

Step 2: Develop Your Brand Identity

Once you’ve nailed down your brand identity, it’s time to develop that brand identity. This involves creating a design. Incredibly important to get right, your design – your logo – says more about your brand identity than words ever could. As you design your logo, make sure it is memorable, simple and unique.

If you’re not sure about every detail, don’t worry. It isn’t necessary to have every single detail written down right way. Branding is an evolving process. Just make sure you begin thinking about the different design elements: typography, shapes, color palette and a brand voice.

Step 3: Create a Visual

The next step is to create a good visual. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and doesn’t have to be pretty. But you do need to tell your brand story in a visual way that is impactful and pulls at heart strings. You need to be able to communicate a full range of emotions: worry over the problems/concerns your customers are dealing with, excitement that you know how to solve those problems/concerns, and intrigue about your strategy that details how to get there. All in all, your visual should bring all your data to life.

Step 4: Seek a Flexible Financing Solution

There are many options available for small businesses when it comes to business funding. However, not every option will be ideal. Depending on your business type and industry, working with traditional lending sources and banks may be difficult; they might consider your industry “too risky” and turn you away. Even if you have a strong brand identity and voice, you could still be turned down.

If this happens, don’t despair. Many business owners in this situation turn to alternative lenders like First American Merchant. FAM is a high-risk specialist with years of experience in working with businesses otherwise categorized as “high risk”. Their high-risk business loans provide you with fast, flexible business funding. When researching business financing options, just be sure it will position your business, your brand, for success.

What Is Title Insurance and How Can It Protect Your Investment?


When you buy a portion of land to develop or a property with an existing home that you will need to remove before you begin construction, you expect that the land will not come with any loose ends. Most commonly because a loose end in the world of investment and construction means a lot of lost money.

Enter Title Insurance.

What is title insurance?

Imagine that you purchase a property from the seller. Money has changed hands and the title has been signed and transferred over. Since taking over that land you have begun construction of your investment.

Suddenly, a claim is made against the ownership of your title. The claim has been lodged by a sibling of the seller that you purchased the property from. The seller, you see, had forged a signature, allowing them to illegally transfer the title to yourself.

If you are an investor then you can likely see the level of trouble and concern that a situation like this would cause you. Unless, of course, you opted for a thorough title insurance package. Title Insurance provides you with financial protection in the event that a situation such as this arises. Any financial claim made can be paid out through your registered agent.

How Does It Work?

The first step to obtaining title insurance over your property is with a thorough title search. During this search, trained and experienced agents will research the history of your title, including any liens or restrictions that are present, along with checking all of the information collected and lodged throughout the numerous transfer it has experienced.

The purpose of this search is to discover any potential issues such as the situation mentioned above. With a thorough title search, instances such as this can be seen before they occur, giving both the buyer and the agency a heads up.

For example, if an agent notices that there is a missing signature on a transfer that occurred a number of years ago, it gives the owner the opportunity to sort out the problem so that the sale can continue. Once the problem is solved, the agency will confirm the new details and move on to the next step.

A Policy Is Drawn Up

Once the title insurance agency is comfortable that there will no claims made against ownership, a small one-time fee is paid and the title is protected within the terms of the agreed insurance.

Is It Tax Deductible?

A property developer’s favorite question. Along with your expenses related to running the office and any uniform requirements you fulfill at the Groupon Coupons page for Clarks, title insurance can be tax deductible, depending on your field of work and the legalities in your area.

When it comes to protecting your investment and making sure that your future plans and projects can continue and complete without disruption, speak with a local title insurance agency to find out more about the level of protection they can offer.

The Beauty Of Art For Pleasure And Investment

When people stop and see a painting or some form of art, they do not think of it as becoming an investment. In fact, when most people think of an investment they think of a car of even something as big as a home. For those who are thinking about making a couple of purchases, this guide into the beauty of art for pleasure and investment will surely come in handy so get started.

There is some sort of artwork within every home out there. Whether people want to believe it or not, all they must do is walk through their own home and they will be able to find some splash of color or a photograph that is up on the wall. Even a big poster could be considered to be a form of art.

Buyers who are serious about the piece that they would like to buy will need to make sure that they have done the right research. Walk through the living space and think about something that is going to look incredible. A time period piece is not a bad idea and neither is a series of photos. Those with the extra space might also be able to take advantage of an actual sculpture.

Knowing the artist that the person wants to buy from makes the process simple. Artists, if they are still selling will be able to do private showings or even custom designs. Depending on who the actual artist is, the piece could be worth a pretty penny. Buying older artwork from deceased artists will cost even more so consider every option first.

Certificates of authenticity should be include with the piece that has been purchased. On top of that, make sure to look into the actual artist signature that is located somewhere on the actual piece. Some like to use only their initials while others will put down their full names. These certificates are not always going to be believed unless they have been looked over be a professional. Have someone come along and get a clear idea of who to work with, and who to stay away from.

The investment is going to increase in value over time. In fact, many have been able to see their value increase within a few years time. Again, this is going to depend on the type of piece that has been purchased as well as the person who is responsible for all of the hard work and dedication.

A reputable dealer needs to be located in order to find decent pieces. If artists cannot be reached, locate the dealer to see what they might have. Local auction houses might be selling various pieces so check into their stock as well.

Those who take advantage of the guide to the beauty of art for pleasure and investment are going to reap many rewards. Take some time to find out which dealers come recommended and which options are currently rated the highest. Get started with the process and be smart about everything.


David Tatham, specialist picture dealer for over quarter of a century, has a detailed knowledge of Lowry’s life and work. Signed, prints and pastels can be viewed and bought from the website.

Art And Investment Through The Ages How To Get Started

The one factor regarding art and investment through time is that people have consistently valued art in financial terms. Some even keep the works of art they have collected, just like one would any investment. Some people are drawn to investing in art because of the media, the ones that depict ordinary members of the public taking their antique collections to be valued.

Art and investment through the centuries has shown that there is nothing to stop the amateur from investing in art, and hoping to make a living. Perhaps some of the reasons art and investment through the ages has been so popular, is because some people think that it is simple to spot a valuable itemsomething valuable. This is sometimes where the TV shows are not so useful, because not all old things are valuable.

Before trying to make a fortune through art, the lay person may wish to realize the people on the TV are experts. They have read books and done research on art, and make a living from their knowledge. Everyone can invest in art, but that does not mean everyone will be good at it.Art, by the way, does not just mean paintings. Art can encompass many forms, vases, sculptures and figurines.

Earning money from art is a skill and of knowing what is an investment and what is not, as well as knowing what makes some pieces worth more than others. So unless the lay person is ready to put in some time studying a few books on art and antiques, they may wish to partner with someone who already knows their subject, or start by investing a small amount of money.

An excellent place to start looking for art is locally. Although most people do not hold anything valuable at home, it is worth looking and finding out if you do. Also, it is not unheard of for an ornament that was once considered junk, to be valued and found to be worth a lot of money.Modern works by famous artists can be quite valuable. However, the idea of art and investment through the ages brings to mind collectors, these people buy paintings and store them, waiting for the right moment to sell to a rich buyer.

Assuming the lay person does not have enormous amounts of money to invest, they need to look at other courses of action.During hard economic times, people sell their goods at yard sales, car boot sales and often wherever they can get something for them. It is usual for antique dealers to search around these places, scouting for something grossly undervalued by its owner.

In essence the value of art is determined by two things. How much it is being sold for, and how much the buyer is willing to pay.For those with a knowledge of emerging artists, those early in their careers, an investment could be made in their artwork. This is very risky, and the investor could end up with nothing, or they could get lucky. It might be wise only to invest in the type of art you have knowledge in, to reduce the risk. These days, investing can be done online, as can all relevant research about artwork and values. The investor may still need to buy a book or two to supplement this, but people wishing to invest in art through the centuries might say you can never have enough knowledge.


David Tatham has been involved in the art world for over twenty five years and . His website contains a wealth of information, also hundreds signed, limited edition prints and original paintings by world famous artists,eg. The conservationist and wildlife artist, David Shepherd .

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning – Importance of Controlling Your Income Retirees

Retirees usually are the most surprised of all taxpayers when they find themselves in the Alternative Minimum Tax. Unfortunately, there is no “age exemption” – if you have the right blend of income and tax deductions, it hits you just as hard as it hits everyone else. You could reach 100 and still be paying the AMT. But with proper tax advice and planning, retirees actually are well-positioned to do something about the AMT.

The income you earn on your investments plays a major role in the amount of Alternative Minimum Tax you pay. Certain types of investment income, as well as the amounts of this income, all factor into the AMT formula. And the good thing about investments, from an AMT planning point of view, is that you have complete control over them – you can change them any time you want.

The income investors generate includes interest, dividends, capital gains, and income from real estate or partnership investments. These obviously vary depending on the investor’s portfolio allocation among cash, stocks, bonds and other types of investments. The important issues are to what extent the timing of investment income can be controlled and/or the type of investment could be changed.

Interest income generally cannot be timed. Dividend income similarly cannot be timed, but an investor may be able to alter the amount of dividends earned by changing investment strategies.

State income taxes are a major reason for getting caught in the Alternative Minimum Tax – over 90% of all AMT payers have this item. Many retirees make quarterly estimated tax payments to meet their tax payment requirements. When is the last quarterly estimate due? January 15. Can it be paid in December instead? Absolutely. It is the individual’s choice whether to pay that last 25% of the estimated state income taxes liability in one year versus the next, which can State income taxes are a major reason for getting caught in the AMT – over 90% of all AMT payers have this item.

Many retirees make quarterly estimated tax payments to meet their tax payment requirements. When is the last quarterly estimate due? January 15. Can it be paid in December instead? Absolutely. It is the individual’s choice whether to pay that last 25% of the estimated state income taxes liability in one year versus the next, which can have a significant on the AMT.

George Bauernfeind is with AMT Individual – providing information on Alternative Minimum Tax Planning . He writes articles to help the tax payers to pay less Alternative Minimum Tax. He recommend to use Alternative Minimum Tax Calculator to reduce Alternative Minimum Tax.

Benefits of Investment Banking Courses in India

One of the most competitive and lucrative areas to enter the banking sector is investment banking. Today, the banks seek candidates with a degree from top business schools or universities. However, one should also have an aptitude for numbers and excellent communication skills. The outlook of the industry is strong because of the high salary and the amount of jobs it offers. Few years back the jobs were less in this field but now there is a huge career opportunity in investment banking. Moreover, the types of jobs are also becoming more algorithms and programming based. There is a huge career in investment banking due to the massive amount of acquisitions, mergers, less large-scale investment and trading.

Benefits of investment banking courses in India

-As the investment banking field is a new domain in India the problem persistent is that only MBA in finance and Chartered Accountants are preferable. -Many companies are now hiring post graduates who are offered roles of Associates and formal analysts. -It is possible to gain experience on-the-job by starting as a beginner in financial analysis or financial modeling. -In-house investment bank experience or training courses provide a deep knowledge and insight however, there are some drawbacks that can be gained by taking a degree in banking. -In the investment banking courses one can get an insight in the area of finance that can only be gained through an institute of learning. -In India, learning institutes offer both PG diploma banking courses and UG courses that provide good sense of investment decision and make an individual a competent professional.

By acquiring investment bank degree one can get knowledge as a professional in the preferred field. By learning different courses students will be able to prepare for reputed companies of the country.

Different school of investment banking -To understand and to obtain knowledge investment banking students can prefer different investment banking school. -In these schools the students can get ample opportunity to explore and practice with different modes of study. -Various investment bank institutes gives comprehensive and rigorous training to the students and give time to master various methods. -Investment bank schools offer intensive courses in which students can gain real-world experience. -The investment banking schools helps to learn substantial understating of the entire banking transactions.

For those who want an opportunity in this field and want to gain their individual identity must initiate their career via a banking school. Some of the careers which you can make by learning various investment banking courses are of chief executive, relation manager, consultant, portfolio management, etc. Whether one is fresher or employed in a company, he/she can choose to join these courses provided by various institutes.

Imarticus – Investment banking courses in India , offers training programs, financial analyst course & placement assistance for investment banking jobs.

Cushion Diamonds A Good Investment!

The appeal of a cushion cut diamond comes from the fact that it is one of the oldest shapes which ever came around. A typical cushion cut diamond will have that vintage appearance which makes it so unique and have that almost venerable quality. In the past this diamond almost went extinct and was only rarely acquired through special auctions or even at estate sales events. Thankfully, they have made a comeback and how! They are as popular as ever with customers who know the value in the cushion diamonds and how their shape brings out a sense of dignity and aristocracy. As much as they are in demand they are still not as easily available as the round brilliants.

In comparison to the modern cuts which are all sparkles, cushions are not that brilliant. Cushions are mostly appealing to collectors who value their attributes which is mainly in the way they are cut in the old fashioned way giving them that old time elegance. Buyers who are looking for fiery sparkling diamonds with edgy cuts would probably shun the cushion diamonds but buyers interested in investing some money, should definitely check the cushion out. High quality cushions are sorted after by investors for their price.

If you are an investor and looking for cushion cut diamonds or even an avid collector who wants to own a cushion diamond, you need to know how to recognize them. One typical characteristic of the cushion is that it is less brilliant than its counterparts. The grade which is recommended should not be lower than “Good” since if you go below that, it will really dull in appearance since the cushion shape is not optimized for sparkles. Feel free to ask for the grading of the diamond to be sure since an investment is not a gift, you will want to cash out on this later on.

On top of the grading of the diamond, another important aspect to consider is the clarity rating. It has been noticed that some cushions with ratings below VS2 have a kind of dull appearance. On the other hand, some SI1-2-rated cushions can still appear clear enough to the eye. Again, when in doubt go have a look at the certificate of the diamond to find out if clarity will eventually cause a problem or not. You need also to be a wise buyer if you do not feel comfortable assessing your diamonds yourself go for a professional advisor.

Angelina Gertz is the marketing and sales manager at and he is working to promote the cushion cut diamond , Valentin Magro is top online jewellery site and they deal with selling of round brilliant cut diamond .

Get Your Foot in The Door With Real World Investment Banking

College can give you plenty of knowledge, but nothing compares to getting your foot in the door with real world scenarios. The Goldman Sachs summer internship offers students a chance to take part in investment banking around the world. Working side by side with experts, it is a hands on learning experience you will never forget.

This is a well-known company with plenty to offer, so it isn’t surprising the get a large volume of applications for this. Make sure you get your information turned in before the deadline or it will be ignored. You also need to make sure you have it complete, your information stands to gain attention, and you sell yourself.

Cover Letter and Resume

Your cover letter should be upbeat, show enthusiasm, and share why you feel you are a good fit for the Goldman Sachs summer internship. This is your chance to shine, to really hone in on who you are and what you are passionate about. Don’t sell yourself short in this area. Many students are uneasy about this as they feel they are boasting or bragging.

Don’t feel that way because you need to stand apart from the rest of the applicants. What is it about you that is unique and will make you successful in the business world? The Goldman Sachs summer internship is a great opportunity but it is also challenging. They have to know they are bringing in people are who sincere about the learning experience and dedicated to the role.

Your resume is your chance to offer an outline of your education, work history, skills, and any awards or accomplishments that show you deserve the Goldman Sachs summer internship. You should also include a brief section about your references. You will need to add more about them later on but you should touch in them in your resume at the bottom.


Take your time completing the Goldman Sachs summer internship application. If you don’t understand what is being asked, get in touch with the company for clarification. Don’t leave any sections blank. Complete it neatly with blue or black ink and make sure it isn’t a type of writing utensil that will smear. Gel pens may write smoothly but you don’t want it to be a mess.

Look through the application again before you submit it to be sure you didn’t miss anything. If you have to skip sections and go back to them later, place a sticky note on that spot so you don’t overlook it before you turn it in.


You will be asked for several references with your application materials. Think carefully about who you would like them to contact. The impression they get of you from those contacts can determine if you get the Goldman Sachs summer internship or not. Such references should be people who know your capacity relating to business, your education, community contributions, and more. Always ask if you can use them as a reference before you do so.

Neat and Professional

Everything you turn in for your application to be considered should be neat and professional. Use quality paper to print your materials on. Watch out for spelling and grammar mistakes that can make you look less than professional. Slide everything into a long envelope so you aren’t folding or bending the materials to mail them.

It is a good idea get them in the mail well before they are due, and to send them with a delivery confirmation. You will feel great knowing you got it done and the materials were delivered to them for review.

Not sure how to best capture your information for a cover letter or resume that gets attention? Need help getting an internship in your particular field? How you present yourself on paper makes a huge difference. You have to stand apart from the rest of the applicants. You have to show you are passionate, motivated, and unique. At the same time, you have to show you are qualified for the position offered. Allow us to help you bring it all together with exceptional results. Check us out at We continue to incorporate the very best practices possible to give you an edge over the competition!